Living a life of FAITH

“We must move from a belief-based spirituality to a practice-based spirituality, or little will change in religion, politics, and the world. We will merely continue to argue about what we are supposed to believe and who the unbelievers are.” Rohr July 21, 2017

When I read these words, I heard my mother’s voice echo in my head:  “actions speak louder than words.” What a challenge to actually live up to the ideals we proclaim – especially the religious formulas.

Have you heard the quote from St Francis “Peach at all times. And when necessary, use words”?

Those phrases came to mind when I read the words above. I guess I automatically substituted the word “faith” for Rohr’s “spirituality.”


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Exclusion is sin

Exclusion might be described as the core sin. Don’t waste any time rejecting, excluding, eliminating, or punishing anyone or anything else. Everything belongs, including you. Richard Rohr 6-1-2017

The women had been talking for more than an hour. Their conversation circled around the dilemma of resisting forces of exclusion in a way that invites inclusion or at least conversation. One woman spoke of a sister whose conversations often turned to support of “getting rid of bad guys.” Another woman emphasized the importance of speaking so that others do not assume you are in agreement. A third mentioned that any response to offensive social media posts seems futile, often only escalating stereotypes and attacks. Another reminded us that it’s possible to “unfollow” on facebook without “unfriending.”

Rohr’s message today is a strong reminder in this political time of name calling, labeling, and building barriers that are real and imagined. Now if I can remember that “rejecting, excluding, eliminating and punishing” is a waste of time. In fact, it seems the only one whose peace is disturbed is mine.


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